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Threadin’ the Magic – My Disney Shirts From RSVLTS

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You may have noticed that I like to wear "unique " shirts. I started buying graphic button-down shirts a few years ago at Disney World.  I bought a few but only wore them on cruises or in the parks.  Over time I wa... Read more »

Sweepstakes Software Comparison – ViralSweep vs RafflePress vs Gleam vs Rafflecopter

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Ready to unleash the ultimate weapon in your digital arsenal – the epic giveaway? We all know they can grow your email list, boost your website traffic, and increase engagement.  But choosing the best sweepstakes soft... Read more »

Why I Use ViralSweep Sweepstakes To Run My Website’s Giveaways

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Ready to boost your email list, increase engagement, and explode your website's traffic?  You can do all that with a sweepstakes giveaway. Simple now - but it took me months to learn! Skip that learning curve and l... Read more »

5 Proven Strategies for Explosive Email List Growth

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Join me for an exciting webinar where I'll share 5 proven ways to grow your email list - and the best part? There won't be any boring slides! Instead, I'll take you through each strategy step-by-step, with actionab... Read more »

Leverage the Power of Email & Community to Grow Your Business

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On the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast today, I talk about email lists and how to use them, the importance of community and how he has leveraged it, and how I was able to grow my business from a side hustle to our main... Read more »

Celebrating Culture with Community

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Thanks to Jeff for the invite to be on his show Social Media News Live! We talked about Facebook groups and growing communities. About the show: PowWow Nation is an active and engaged Facebook community of over... Read more »