Sweepstakes Software Comparison – ViralSweep vs RafflePress vs Gleam vs Rafflecopter

Ready to unleash the ultimate weapon in your digital arsenal – the epic giveaway? We all know they can grow your email list, boost your website traffic, and increase engagement.  But choosing the best sweepstakes software is challenging.

I’ve been in the giveaway trenches for years, testing all of the giveaway apps including ViralSweep, RafflePress, Rafflecopter, and Gleam.

Spoilers:  ViralSweep is my favorite software for a few reasons, but I will do my best here to give you the full view of things to take into account to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

ViralSweep Review

viralsweep review

Imagine your giveaway erupting like a social media volcano, spewing new faces and inboxes onto your website. That’s ViralSweep’s secret weapon. They’re all about amplifying social sharing with bonus entries for tweets, Facebook posts, and even referral programs. Your email list explodes, with seamless integrations turning entries into loyal subscribers.

ViralSweep Features

  • Social Sharing: Bonus entries for website visits, Facebook posts, and referrals ignite viral growth.
  • Email List Growth: Integrates with all major providers, transforming entries into subscribers.
  • Viral Contest Templates: Get inspired with ready-made formats to launch your campaign into the stratosphere.

And the game changer feature for me – bonus codes!  This feature allows me to hide bonus codes across my website, videos, social media, and emails.  My readers scour all my content looking for the codes.

Start Your Giveaway With ViralSweep

RafflePress Review

rafflepress review

Is your website on WordPress? RafflePress integrates seamlessly, letting you build stunning landing pages and embed giveaways directly into your posts. It’s like a traffic magnet disguised as a giveaway, making your website the ultimate destination.

RafflePress Features

  • WordPress Integration: Create and manage giveaways directly on your WordPress site – no coding required!
  • Landing Page Builder: Design eye-catching entry pages with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Engagement Boosters: Bonus entries for visiting pages, commenting, and subscribing fuel audience interaction.

Start Your Giveaway With RafflePress

Rafflecopter Review

rafflecopter review

This platform’s a seasoned pro, offering a tried-and-true toolkit for list-building and traffic-boosting. It’s got all the classics – social sharing options, bonus entries, email capture forms – and it does them well. Think of it as the giveaway Swiss Army Knife: reliable, user-friendly, and always gets the job done. Maybe a little rough around the edges, but it has been around forever!

Rafflecopter Features

  • Classic Entry Options: Social sharing, bonus entries, email capture forms – the tried-and-true arsenal.
  • Reliable and User-Friendly: Easy to set up and manage even for beginners.
  • Wide Range of Integrations: Connects with all major email providers and marketing platforms.

Start Your Giveaway With Rafflecopter

Gleam Review

gleam review

Of all the giveaway apps, Gleam more than others embraces versatility.

Want to run photo contest? A video contest? A quiz that doubles as a lead magnet? Gleam’s your answer. It excels at gamification, letting you build multi-step entry processes that keep users engaged and coming back for more.  It’s like turning your giveaway into a mini-adventure, and who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

Gleam Features

  • Versatile Contest Formats: Photo contests, video contests, quizzes, and more – the creativity is limitless.
  • Gamification Engine: Build multi-step entry processes with bonus entries and levels to keep users hooked.
  • Stunning Widget Builder: Create eye-catching entry widgets for your website, ready to capture your imagination.

Start Your Giveaway With Gleam

Who Wears The Sweepstakes Software Crown?

I’ve used them all, and they all have their strengths.

For me, ViralSweep is my sweepstakes software of choice and the one I use most often.  The features work perfectly for me, and my readers have told me they enjoy the interface more with ViralSweep.

It Takes More Than The Best Giveaway App To Run A Successful Giveaway

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I'm an affiliate of ViralSweep and earn commission from subscriptions to their software.

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