Grow Your Email List with KingSumo Giveaways – The Perfect Started Sweepstakes Platform

I have used a variety of giveaway platforms over the years.  My recommendation for any starting out is always KingSumo!

Just look at what KingSumo offers!

  • Free plan option
  • Pro Level has a one-time fee – no monthly charges
  • Social Sharing
  • Bonus Entries to Drive Traffic

Want proof – look at these results!

KingSumo has generated thousands of new subscribers to my email list!

kingsumo giveaways
Total entries in my previous KingSumo giveaways!

Want results like this, start with KingSumo!  Need help getting started?  Learn all my tips and tricks in my “Level Up Your Giveaways” course!

Seamless Setup and Budget-Friendly

Running giveaways should be a breeze, and KingSumo gets that. Set up your viral giveaways in a flash without worrying about draining your budget. No monthly fees here – just a one-time set fee for endless possibilities.

Boost Engagement with Bonus Entries

Turn participants into brand ambassadors with KingSumo’s bonus entries. Encourage sharing for more chances to win and send people to your website for extra entries.


Integrations made simple! KingSumo plays nice with Zapier, MailChimp, and more of your favorite tools.

🍒 Lifetime Access and Bonus Offer

The cherry on top – is lifetime access to KingSumo, including all future updates.

Ready to transform your giveaways into a traffic, email, and engagement goldmine? Snag lifetime access to KingSumo now and watch your audience soar! 🚀✨

Get Started With King Sumo

Confused?  Overwhelmed by the options?

Let’s build your next giveaway together!
Level Up Your Giveaway Course – $99

I earn commission from AppSumo from sales of KingSumo.

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