Why I Use ViralSweep Sweepstakes To Run My Website’s Giveaways

Ready to boost your email list, increase engagement, and explode your website’s traffic?  You can do all that with a sweepstakes giveaway.

Simple now – but it took me months to learn! Skip that learning curve and let me show you the lessons I learned the hard way.

I’ve been running sweepstakes on my other website, PowWows.com, for years.

It took time and trial & error to get it right by now we’re humming along.

For my first few sweepstakes giveaways, I wasted money offering prizes like iPads, gift cards, and even cash! I had to find prizes that resonated with my audience.  Then I figured out how to tweak all the options in the software.  There are so many options, it can be overwhelming.  Testing each option has given me the experience to show you what works best.

And now, I get real results!

Look at the spike of email signups from a 3-day sweepstakes for New Year’s!
grow email list with viralsweep
AND the giveaway from November 2023 increased our email list by 6,500 new subscribers!

Let me tell you, the secret sauce behind it all isn’t some mystical incantation (though wouldn’t that be cool?).

In addition to having a sure-fire strategy in place, we could not make this magic happen without an amazing piece of sweepstakes software in our back pocket.

It’s called ViralSweep, and for the past few years, it’s been the magic engine fueling traffic, email list, and engagement like the launch of Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster!

Try ViralSweep

Is ViralSweep Legit?

Trust me, I get it. The online sweepstakes world can be murky. But let me tell you, ViralSweep is the real deal. I’ve run more giveaways than I can count on this platform.

But running a sweepstakes on your site is so easy to get wrong. Even the best tool can’t save you from a strategy that’s doomed to fail.

So, before you dive headfirst into the next “free iPad!” giveaway, let’s crack open the ViralSweep toolbox see what makes it tick, and talk about what will help the tool work even better to guel your business’s email list growth.

How ViralSweep Works:

ViralSweep is a comprehensive marketing platform designed to help you create and manage viral marketing campaigns with ease. Whether you’re planning a sweepstakes, contest, giveaway, or referral program, ViralSweep provides a user-friendly interface and a suite of features to maximize engagement and virality.

Getting Started with ViralSweep:

After you sign up, you’ll use their friendly dashboard to create and manage all your campaigns.  To start a new campaign select the type you want to run—sweepstakes, contest, giveaway, or referral program. ViralSweep offers a range of customizable templates to suit your specific marketing goals.

Personalize your campaign by adding your brand logo, choosing colors that match your brand identity, and customizing the design elements.

Define the ways participants can enter your campaign. ViralSweep supports multiple entry methods, such as social media actions, email subscriptions, referrals, and more. Diversifying entry methods increases participant engagement.

Connect your social media accounts to leverage the power of social sharing. ViralSweep makes it easy for participants to share the campaign with their networks, enhancing the potential for virality.  You can then add additional entry methods for your subscribers to earn more entries like website links, podcast subscriptions and more!

Integrate your email marketing tools seamlessly with ViralSweep to capture leads and nurture them through email campaigns. You’ll be able to pass along subscriber info and add tags for segmentation.

ViralSweep Case Study: PowWows.com

As I said earlier, I’ve experimented and failed so many times with giveaways over the years.  Past giveaways would cost me hundreds of dollars in prizes only to see a few email sign up and no additional traffic.  I can remember refreshing the page over and over just hoping to see more entries.

I kept at it and slowly figured out what worked – and what didn’t.  Cut down that learning curve by not making the same mistakes.

Let me show you some recent giveaway successes.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I ran an instant win campaign with ViralSweep’s software.  The results were astounding!

My readers loved earning more spins by completing additional tasks.  The pageviews exploded over the weekend!

spin to win sweepstakes

ViralSweep Benefits

  • Boost Traffic: In November ViralSweep added more than 75,000 page views to PowWows.com!
    That’s ViralSweep working its magic. Your sweepstakes landing page will become a hub of activity. In addition, all the extra entry options for visitors like visiting websites, social pages, etc – turn your giveaway into a viral chain reaction.
  • Email List Growth: Say goodbye to begging for email addresses. ViralSweep seamlessly integrates with your email provider, turning every giveaway entry into a shiny new subscriber. Boom! Your list explodes with new subscribers ready to hear from you.
  • Engagement Engine: Forget crickets chirping under your posts. ViralSweep’s bonus entry actions – commenting, following, sharing – get your audience hyped and interactive.
  • Even More Features: From automated winner selection to fraud detection, ViralSweep takes care of the nitty-gritty. And let’s not forget the analytics dashboard – it’s like a crystal ball showing you exactly how your giveaway is crushing it.

How To Run A Successful Sweepstakes With ViralSweep

Does all this sound overwhelming?  Not sure where to start?

I got you!

To truly boost up your giveaway game, let me show you the strategies you need to think through before going live.  I’ll lead you through step by step with the Level Up Your Giveaways Course.

In this 20 lesson course, I’ll share the secret strategies I’ve used to turn giveaways into engagement powerhouses, like:

  • Crafting irresistible prize packages: It’s not just about the free stuff. Learn how to tailor your prize to your ideal audience and make them drool.
  • Optimizing your entry process: Friction is the enemy of conversions. I’ll show you how to make entering your giveaway a breeze, not a chore.
  • Promoting your giveaway like a pro: Social media, email marketing, influencer partnerships – we’ll cover all the bases to get your giveaway seen by the right eyes.
  • Turning entry submitters into fans: Don’t let those leads slip away! I’ll show you how to nurture your new audience and turn them into loyal community members.

Ready to take your giveaways from “meh” to mega-engaged?

Let’s build it together!

Save time and money by using my failures to reduce your learning curve.  I’ll help you jump-start your next sweepstakes giveaway using my tested strategies.

I've been using ViralSweep for more than 3 years.  I am also an affiliate of ViralSweep.


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