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By making me part of your (business) world, you can get the actionable step-by-step advice you need to level up your visibility, marketing, and sales.

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Work With Me

By making me part of your (business) world, you can get the actionable step-by-step advice you need to level up your visibility, marketing, and sales.

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Ready to level up your business with custom, personalized coaching?
Jumpstart your success story by working with me privately.

With over 25 years of business-building experience, I can help you:

  • Find the gaps in your current business model
  • Optimize your marketing efforts, so you’re working smarter, not harder
  • Expedite your success through actionable strategic advice
  • Build a business that supports your desired lifestyle

Investment:  Different Options   Team up

1:1 Coaching with Paul to boost your email results!

Deep dive into your current email marketing. Improve your email opens, create advanced sequences and segmentation, and more!

Power Up Your Email Marketing

There is power in your email list. If you’re struggling with what to say, open rates, sequences, or growing your list your list – I got you! I will walk you through the steps!

  • 3 – 1 Hour Video Coaching Calls
  • Level Up Email Course
  • Ongoing Support – Email & Volley
  • In Depth Audit & Assessment
  • Revise Existing Sequences & Create 2 New Sequences
  • And More!

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Jump Start Your Email List

1:1 Coaching with Paul to start your email marketing!

Let’s get started together! We will start building your list, configure your optins, create your first sequence, write weekly newsletters, and more.

There is power in your email list.

But only if you know how to tap into it. If you’re struggling to build your list, and you need help getting started – I got you! I will walk you through the steps!

  • 1 Hour Video Coaching Call
  • Level Up Email Course
  • Ongoing support with email and Volley
  • Create First 3 Weekly Broadcast Emails
  • Create and Setup Lead Magnet
  • And More!

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Level Up Your Community

A community is hands-down one of the best ways to be seen, grow your business, and make an impact online. Plus, a community is a powerful way to unite people in pursuit of the same purpose. But if you’re scratching your head thinking, “cool, Paul, but how do I get people to join mine and participate?”
I got you covered.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What a community is
  • How to have a community mindset when building yours
  • The fundamentals of being intentional about community
  • How to attract new members into your community
  • How to keep your community members engaged – because silent threads are awkward
  • Tips for using your community to elevate other aspects of your business
  • Sustainable community growth and upkeep

Investment: $27     Grab the course

Level Up Your Giveaways

Have you been curious about giveaways for a while now? Maybe you’ve tried one, and it didn’t work. (Hey, at least you gave it a go).

If done strategically, giveaways lead to increased website traffic, follower growth, and larger email lists. And this course will show you how to use giveaways to add fuel to your business growth.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Grow your follower base
  • Build your email list
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Plan and execute a successful giveaway
  • Bring it all together to level up your holistic marketing strategy

Investment: $99     Let’s do it

I’m sure you hear it all of the time, the power is in your list. But if you feel like you need to stumble upon a magic wand to make email marketing work for you– this course is all of the pixie dust you need.


By signing up, you’ll discover how to grow your list, using:

  • Opt-ins
  • Lead magnets
  • FB Groups
  • Giveaways
  • How to segment your list and set up automated sequences
  • What to put in your emails to up your conversion rates

Investment: $299    Sign up now


Happily ever after does exist

Casey Wooley

Main Stret and More Travel

As somebody who has been part of two different presentations with Paul, I can testify to the effectiveness of his approach. His perspective on the constant drumbeat of a marketing message to keep your brand front of mind in front of your customer or client has been instrumental to my success as a travel planner. He provided key insights into effective communication, especially with the use of automatic client journeys. Because of his approach, I have seen more leads, return clients, and higher sales. His process works and I highly recommend the coaching he provides to anybody looking to raise their game in their own business.

Avani Parekh


Paul is a community and business OG from the time of the aegis of the internet – message boards. In the almost 2 years we got to work closely together when he was a part of the Meta Community Accelerator, I witnessed the love and the care he had for and the online communities he built to support indigenous culture and connection.

I also witnessed Paul take his business to the next level, creating revenue and sponsorship opportunities that allowed him and his wife to come into the business full time, which was their dream. There’s no doubt that Paul could help other business and community leaders get “unstuck” and tap into growth and revenue – as he has lived that with his own business. I’ve learned so much from Paul’s leadership and I highly recommend him to take your business or community to the next level.

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