Threadin’ the Magic – My Disney Shirts From RSVLTS

You may have noticed that I like to wear “unique ” shirts.

I started buying graphic button-down shirts a few years ago at Disney World.  I bought a few but only wore them on cruises or in the parks.  Over time I was able to build up enough shirts to wear each night on a cruise.

But then, I retired from my old job and didn’t have to wear a tie every day.  Now I’m wearing these shirts all the time!

Kelli found RSVLTS, pronounced “rose-uh-velts” and ordered one for Father’s Day.  I fell in love!

Not only are the designs eye-catching but the shirts are made of their “kunuflex” material.  The shirts are stretchy, moisture-wicking, and breathable – perfect for hot days in the parks!

I got compliments on my shirts before RSVLTS occasionally.   Now with these shirts, almost every time I go out someone asks me about the shirt.

And you’ll get noticed by other RVSLTS folks too!

Oh, and I got the bug for RVSTS bad this past year!  I started the holiday season without a single Christmas-themed shirt – now I have 5!  How could I say no to a shirt with Darth Vader driving a sled pulled at AT-ATs?

Where To Buy RSVLTS

The best place to shop for RSVLTS is on their website.  However, this can be challenging depending on which design you want.

RSVLTS releases new designs often, several times a month.  Many of these designs are very popular and sell out quickly.  By quick, I mean I’ve had something in my cart and tried to check out 30 seconds after the release and it sold out!

Join the RVSLTS Insider Facebook group to keep up with all the new designs and sales.

rsvlts shirts

eBay is a great alternative to the RSVLTS website.  Currently, there are over 1,500 shirts listed for sale!

Shop RSVLTS on eBay

You can also find RSVLTS on ShopDisney!

If you missed a design and have to have it, visit the RSVLTS Buy and Sell Facebook group.  You’ll find every whale shirt you can imagine, but be aware of the sticker shock!  Popular designs can go for double or triple their retail price.  Shirts that were only released at events like San Diego Comic-Con can sell for over $500!

RSVLTS Discount Codes

Let’s talk about how to save money on your RSVLTS addiction shopping.

Make sure you sign up for their rewards program.  You’ll get several discounts automatically based on earning points.  For each dollar you spend you’ll earn 10 points.  1,000 points will give you a $10 off coupon.  You can earn points in several ways including on your birthday, following their social media, and on your purchases.  After your purchases, check your email.   They will sometimes offer you a 15% off coupon for posting a review with a photo.

ShopDisney also sells RSVLTS shirts and their shirts.   Make sure to sign up for their newsletter.  ShopDisney offers sales and coupons often!

Shirts Like RSVLTS

There are lots of amazing designs out there in addition to RSVLTS.  I still buy a few from Disney and Etsy especially.

rsvlts alternative

Shop Etsy

I am an affiliate with eBay, Etsy, and ShopDisney and earn commission from sales.

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  • Pat Timbrook


    I started collecting Hawaiian Shirts from various thrift stores. My husband was able to wear a different Aloha Shirt for each day that he a jury duty. (1 week) He could have done over a month. What fun. ALOHA from Washington state. MAHALO

    • Love it! My goal has always been to have enough to wear a different one each day on a 7 night cruise. Well, I’ve gone a bit over that now!

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