Level Up your Giveaways

Take Your Giveaways To The Next Level
Create giveaways that work!

Level Up your Giveaways

Take Your Giveaways To The Next Level
Create giveaways that work!

Unleash the Power of Giveaways with “Level Up Your Giveaways” Course!

Are you tired of hosting online giveaways that fall short of expectations?

Have you spent $ on great prizes with no real results?

Frustrated by lackluster results and minimal engagement?

It’s time to transform your approach and conquer the challenges that plague most giveaway campaigns.

I’ve been running giveaways for more than 4 years. I have learned the hard way how to really harness the full power of a giveaway.

Let’s work together to power up your next giveawy!

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Grow & Engage Your Social Media Following

Use Giveaways to gain more followers. AND more importantly, created an engaged community!

  • Unlock Social Media Mastery:

    • Discover the secrets of incentivizing social media engagement through proven tactics that turn likes into leads.
    • Learn how to strategically use giveaways on platforms like Gleam, Rafflecopter, and ViralSweep to grow your followers, drive shares, and boost your social media engagement.

Boost Your Email Marketing

Learn to use giveaways to grow your email list. Create email sequences tailored for the giveaway. Increase open rates and click-throughs.

  • Email List Growth Strategy:

    • Elevate your understanding of giveaways as a strategy to explode your email list. Learn how to strategically drive participants from social media, podcasts, and video platforms onto your email list.
    • Uncover the art of crafting giveaways that not only capture attention on different platforms but also seamlessly transition participants into dedicated email subscribers.

Increase Website Traffic

Use Giveaways to send your readers through your website. Drive traffic to your sales pages, affiliate links, and cornerstone content.  

  • Irresistible Giveaway Incentives:

    • Master the art of crafting giveaway incentives that not only attract participants but drive targeted traffic to your website.
    • Learn how to strategically design giveaways with incentives that pique interest and entice participants to explore your website, increasing both traffic and engagement.
  • Learn My Secret Sauce – Bonus Codes:

    • Explore advanced techniques in utilizing bonus codes within your giveaways to send participants directly to your website in a frenzy to find codes.
  • Create Email Sequences Specific To Your Giveaway:

    • Gain insights into building effective email sequences that guide giveaway participants toward your website.
    • Learn the art of crafting compelling email sequences that maintain participant interest, provide valuable content, and strategically direct them to your website, driving sustained traffic and fostering a lasting connection.

What to Expect From This Course

Paul delivers actionable lessons with more than 20 videos for a total of 2 hours.

NO SLIDES – You’ll see video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.

  • Step By Step Giveaway Setup
  • Case Study From Live Giveaway
  • Software Reviews & Demos Including Viral Sweep, Rafflecopter, King Sumo
  • Tips & Tricks On Promotion
  • Discover How To Boost Your Website Traffic With Bonus Codes
  • What Prizes To Offer & How To Build Your Prize Warehouse


Buy Now – $99

Ready To Level Up Your Giveaways?

Great giveaways don’t happen by accident. They require much more than a cool prize to captivate your followers’ interest and intrigue them to participate in your contest. From email list subscriptions to website traffic, social media followers, and YouTube views, take advantage of your giveaways to generate more engagement and enhance your traffic levels.


Buy Now – $99

Course curriculum

  • Level Up Your Giveaways
  • About Me

  • 3 Reasons To Use Online Giveaways
  • Giveaway Software
  • My Favorite Tools
  • Prizes – What Should You Giveaway?
  • Building Your Prize Warehouse

  • Build Your Social Media Following
  • Awarding – Building Your Social Media Following Part 2
  • Build Your Email List
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Change It Up – Interactive Games
  • The Secret Sauce – Bonus Codes
  • Measuring Success

  • Explore Native Giveaway

  • Tips For Promoting Giveaways

  • Reward Your Most Loyal Visitors
  • Bonus – SweepWidget
  • Bonus – RafflePress
  • Disney Shirts!

  • Time To Level Up Your Giveaway!

Supercharge Your Business With Your Next Giveaway

Enroll in the Level Up Your Giveaways course to boost your giveaway!

Paul Gowder

Paul Gowder is the founder of PowWows.com which has been the leading online community celebrating Native American culture. Paul’s techniques and skills have enabled him to build one of the largest and most engaged online communities. Paul helps other entrepreneurs navigate the successes and pitfalls of building an online business through his public speaking and consulting services.