What’s WORKING On Facebook In 2024 – OTW Show with Paul Gowder

I know, I know—everyone keeps saying organic reach on Facebook is dead.

I’ve recently seen a 39% increase in my organic reach over just two weeks. My content interactions are up by 50%, and my follows are climbing.

So, let’s talk about what’s working on Facebook right now.

Why Organic Reach Matters

Despite the hype around TikTok, Facebook remains one of the most stable and significant platforms for businesses. It’s the largest social network with a long history of helping businesses thrive. Organic reach on Facebook is crucial because it helps you grow your platform without spending money on ads. Plus, hitting certain engagement and follower milestones can unlock features like monetization, stars, and ads in your videos.

What’s Working for Me

Here are a few strategies that have recently boosted my organic reach on Facebook:

Photo Posts

I stumbled upon a strategy where someone used Facebook bonuses to make thousands of dollars a month by posting 8-10 photos daily. I decided to test this by adding three photo posts a day to my schedule. The results were astounding—photos I posted between June 19th and June 30th hit over 20,000 reach within a few days. These were simple pictures from my camera roll, proving that photo posts still have massive engagement potential.

Actionable Tip: Schedule one photo post per day for the next week. Use photos you already have, add a compelling caption, and see what kind of engagement you get.

Conversation Starters

Another effective strategy is posting text-based questions to spark conversation. For example, simple questions like “What’s the last book you read?” or “What would you recommend for a first timer?” garnered tons of comments and shares. The key is to actively engage with the responses, which further boosts reach.

Actionable Tip: Schedule two conversation starter posts this week. Ask questions that encourage your audience to engage and make sure to reply to their comments.

Vertical Videos

Facebook loves vertical videos, even when they’re not reels. I found that short-form videos in a vertical format received significantly higher reach than traditional landscape videos. For instance, a 30-second vertical video reached 88,000 people—phenomenal numbers for organic reach.

Actionable Tip: Upload your vertical videos directly to Facebook. These could be repurposed reels or TikToks formatted for the platform.

Facebook Reels

Lastly, let’s talk about reels. While Instagram Reels are popular, I’m seeing even better results with Facebook Reels. Two of my reels recently surpassed 100,000 reach within two days. This is incredible reach that I don’t get with other types of content.

Actionable Tip: Post your short-form videos as Facebook Reels and monitor the engagement. You might be surprised at how well they perform.

Let’s Level Up Your Facebook Reach!

Organic reach on Facebook isn’t dead; it’s just different. By experimenting with different post types—photos, conversation starters, vertical videos, and reels—you can still achieve significant reach and engagement without relying solely on ads.

Give these strategies a try and let me know how they work for you. I’d love to hear about your experiences and help you further if needed. Feel free to schedule a free discovery session with me, and let’s see how we can grow your audience and community on Facebook together.

Until next time, keep pushing towards that dream lifestyle.

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