Grow Your Email List With Facebook Groups Thanks To GroupLeads

Do you have a Facebook Group?

Ever wondered how to get your Facebook Group members on your email list?

Facebook Groups are great to help build community and engagement.  However, converting a member of your group to a subscriber can be challenging.

GroupLeads to the rescue!

With this Chrome extension, I’ve added over 21,000 subscribers to my email list with GroupLeads!

group leads facebook group email extractor

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What is GroupLeads?

GroupLeads is a game-changing tool designed to streamline the process of collecting emails from Facebook groups. Developed with marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in mind, GroupLeads automates the tedious task of manually gathering contact information, allowing you to focus your time and energy on more strategic initiatives.

First, you need to edit the participation questions for your Facebook Group.  Facebook allows you to ask new members 3 questions.  Use one of your questions to ask if the potential new member would like to subscribe to your email and if so, leave their email address.

facebook participation questions - ask for email

Then you just have to install the GroupLeads Chrome extension.

GroupLeads will then be able to scrape the email addresses when you approve new members.  This information can be saved into a spreadsheet and/or sent to your email list.

I have my GroupLeads configured to send the email address to Convertkit with a tag.  The tag then puts the new subscriber into a special sequence.  With this sequence, I send them a thank you for joining the Facebook Group and some expectations and rules of the group.  After they complete that sequence, the subscriber goes into my general sequences.

This past week a post in my Pow Wow Nation Facebook group went viral.  The post was seen by over 1,400,000 people in 2 days!  Hundreds of new members apply to join the group.

Thanks to GroupLeads, I was able to extract over 400 new subscribers to my email list!

facebook group email extraction viral post

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