Email Tactics for Thriving Post Google’s Helpful Content Update

Let’s talk about something that sends shivers down the spines of many website owners and content creators: Google updates.

Yup, those algorithm tweaks that can sometimes make us feel like we’re playing digital Jenga with our carefully crafted content strategies.

Google Helpful Content Update

In September 2023, Google introduced a critical update to its algorithm called the Helpful Content Update. Updates focused on prioritizing for user intent and helpfulness.

The publishing of this update caused shifts in website rankings from different sectors. Publishers from all different categories have reported massive declines in traffic from Google.

For example, Retro Doddo reported a 90% loss of traffic from this update!


You have to find additional ways to send visitors to your site – you can’t depend on Google!

The impact of the HCU can be mitigated by using targeted e-mail marketing as an effective strategy. This approach may assist businesses in reconnecting with their audience by promoting the content that users missed before.

Recover From Google Helpful Content Update With Email Sequences

One of the ways to overcome Google’s Helpful Content Update and increase website traffic is by including an email marketing campaign tailored to highlighting previous valuable content.

Here is a strategy that not only helps you recover from Google’s helpful content update but also keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Using email sequences with interesting highlights and links to your important posts sent out once a week will help you re-engage the audience and consistently drive traffic back to your website. This strategy not only moderates the effects of the new algorithm but also welds your relationship with the subscriber audience, ensuring that your content keeps growing in an audience-centric digital atmosphere.

And the best part?

You already have all the content needed for this!

So, picture this: it’s Thursday, the week is winding down, and your subscribers are eagerly checking their inboxes for that golden nugget of wisdom you always deliver. But instead of the usual spiel, they’re greeted with a blast from the past – an email showcasing one of your old but gold articles – something they may have missed.

Enter the “Throwback Thursday” email sequence.

That’s what I call it, but you can have Tuesday Tips or Friday Flashback.

You can create this sequence with blog posts, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos.

It’s like a weekly trip down memory lane for your audience, but with a strategic twist.

Here’s how I build mine.

Building Automated Email Sequence

First things first, dust off those digital cobwebs and dive into your treasure trove of past articles. Look for gems that are still relevant, informative, and perhaps flew under the radar the first time around.  What are the posts that convert the most affiliate revenue?  Find articles that have the highest RPM for ad networks.

Here’s what to include in each email.  With each email, you create a carefully curated package complete with a catchy subject line, a tantalizing photo, a brief teaser, and of course, the all-important link.

Don’t just plop that link and call it a day. Take a moment to personalize the pitch. Explain to your readers why they should care about revisiting this particular piece of content. Maybe it’s still relevant to current trends or tackles a topic that’s been making headlines lately. Whatever the reason, make it clear why they’d be missing out if they didn’t click that link.

At the start of each year, sit down and map out your entire throwback email sequence for the next 52 weeks. Yup, you heard that right – 52 emails lined up and ready to go. This not only saves you time and hassle down the road but also ensures a consistent stream of engagement throughout the year.

I use a virtual assistant to create the sequence and add in the photos, description, and link.  Then I go in and add in the personalized message for each email.

And the results speak for themselves! 

helpful content update recovery

See each peak?  Those are Thursdays.  The traffic spikes each week with these emails.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off those old articles, fire up your email marketing platform, and let the magic begin! Your audience awaits, eager to embark on this journey through the archives with you.

And yes, I know this can be overwhelming!  You are already wearing so many hats and building out 52 emails is a lot of work!

Want some help?  Let’s do it together.

With my Email Jump Start 1:1 coaching, we will build this sequence and level up your email marketing together!

Email Jump Start

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