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In the Spring of 1996, I was almost finished with graduate school at the University of South Carolina. The web was just starting to develop, so I built a webpage about what I was passionate about: Native-American Pow Wows. Twenty years later, that website has evolved into and has a Facebook following of over 600,000. Let me show you how I made that happen!

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How Would You Like Your Online Community To Reflect Numbers Like Mine?

# of email subscribers in 6 mos.
webcast viewers
7-day reach on Facebook
video views on YouTube
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Online Marketing

As a streaming/social media/email marketing expert, I am eager to work with you one-on-one or speak at your conference, workshop, business luncheon, or to any group that is seeking motivation and strategies for building an online community.


  • Select the right streaming platform for your needs
  • Learn the best practices for streaming events
  • Discover the tools necessary to create a professional broadcast
  • Understand hardware requirements & bandwidth needs

email marketing

  • Select the right email marketing platform for your needs
  • Discover tips and tricks for growing/maintaining your list
  • Utilize strategies for traffic and list building
  • Learn how to properly prune and clean your list

social media

  • Learn how to grow your social media following
  • Use online tools to streamline social media management
  • Create a variety of post types to increase engagement
  • Run social media contests to increase traffic, followers, and engagement

“Dig down deep and provide something really different and exciting to get the community to notice. Fight ‘sameness’ with your every breath.”

“You don’t need unique ingredients. You need a unique recipe.”

“You can only build something massive by starting with something small to effectively close the distance.”

“When you give people an opportunity to be part of something, they’re going to be proud of (and eager to share) something that they’ve helped create.”

Public Speaking

Sample Topics

Streaming 101

I have been doing live webcasts since 2004. Learn the basics of streaming live video, including hardware requirements, camera setup, software configuration, and much more.

Building Your Online Tribe

Take your blog or website further than just pushing content out into the world. Learn the tips and tricks of developing your own online community. Find out how to use your content to engage with people on your website and social media.

To 25,000 Subscribers in 6 Months

In 2015, I built an email list that went from 0 to over 25,000 subscribers in under 6 months. Learn the steps needed to build a thriving email list and take my actionable tips to apply to your list.

Social Media for Business

Social media is a must-use tool in today’s marketing world. Learn how to leverage your social media activity to build consistent engagement and rabid fans for your business.

My Advice


I’ve been using Twitter Wrong!

I have to admit, I’ve mostly ignored Twitter for the last few years! I set it over in the corner of the spare bedroom like an ugly lamp. Thanks to my new favorite Social Media tool, it may become a featured piece of furniture in the living room!


Advice from Paul

Momentum 2017

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Honored to be included in the group of

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Everyone Can Use A Hand – Business Coaching

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One of the best decisions I’ve made in


I helped grow and currently manage an online community with over 600,000 followers on Facebook. Our online community for native american life, culture, and history continues to grow and thrive.

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