One of the best decisions I’ve made in business is to join a coaching group. I have listened to podcasters talk about these types of groups for years. I came up with a constant stream of excuses.

  • I don’t need help
  • I don’t have time for a group
  • They won’t be able to help me
  • No one will understand my issues
  • It is probably way too expensive

Sound familiar?

When I found out that podcaster, Lou Mongello, I’ve been following for years was offering a mastermind group with coaching, I got curious. Now 7 months later, I’m starting my 2nd coaching group with Lou.

All those same excuses and doubts crept back in during our first call. I was going to be in a group with a travel agent, a beginner podcaster, an office manager, and an owner of a brick and mortar store. How would I get anything out of this group?

Despite my belief that my issues and problems were “special snowflakes”, we shared many of the same concerns.

In addition having another online entrepreneur guide us is the extra sauce that really makes coaching work. Spending time talking with someone that was been there and done really helps. Sure, he and the group hasn’t been able to answer every question or solve every problem.

But that’s ok.

Having another person to talk through decisions is worth the cost of coaching. With a business coach, they aren’t always there to give you the answer. Your coach is someone that can relate to your problems and talk you through the decision points with an understanding that your neighbor or spouse can’t. Sometimes a “have you tried…” or a “have you thought about…” from someone that gets you can be the extra push you need to break through.

Business coaching has helped me have laser focus on decisions and issues and work through them quickly.

Everyone can use an extra hand!

The same is true in business. Don’t go it alone!


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