I have to admit, I’ve mostly ignored Twitter for the last few years! I set it over in the corner of the spare bedroom like an ugly lamp. Thanks to my new favorite Social Media tool, it may become a featured piece of furniture in the living room!

First, let me tell you how I was using Twitter. When I was at an event, I would post directly to Twitter. I would use hashtags and engage people.

Then I had my Facebook pages set to copy all posts to my Twitter account. If it works on Facebook, those posts should do great on Twitter, right? Oh so, so wrong!

Twitter, unlike other social networks, is a constant stream of information. As my business coach told me, Twitter is like drinking from a firehouse. The information is constantly coming at you. You just stick your head into the stream and hope to catch a few drops, but most of it just whizzes by you.

I needed to change the way I thought about and handled posts to Twitter. On other social networks, I repeat a post 2-3 times over several months. With Twitter, you need to repeat much more often in order to have your message seen.

i have been doing twitter wrong but now!

Thanks to my business coach, Lou Mongello, I have started using Buffer.

Buffer has introduced a new feature, still technically in beta, called the Library. You can use the Library on any or all of your social networks. You can build, you guessed it, a library of posts. You tell Buffer how many times to repeat those posts over x days. Then sit back and watch the magic! Buffer will build out your queue of posts!

You can use Buffer’s analytics to see your best-performing tweets and Re-Buffer them back into the queue.

Remember not to spam, but increasing your posting frequency on Twitter will increase the chances of your message being seen in the steady stream of information.